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Sure, Superman kicks all kinds of ass. But even he was bullied...

In the comic books, Pete Ross was a childhood friend of Clark Kent who knew about his super identity, unbeknownst to the young Superman. And as a true friend, Ross would keep the info to himself and use it to aid Clark while he went on with his super duties.

But although there have been a few different takes on how the two became buddies over the years, it looks as though Snyder isn't going too far from the original source material. For 's upcoming Man of Steel movie, Ross will initially be a bully who picks on a young Clark Kent, and Snyder appears to be setting up the "alien" aspect of Superman by having him treated that way.

The Art Center College of Design just published an article about educating young people to become tomorrow's new generation of filmmakers, and speaks with teen actor Jack Foley and his character in the movie, who apparently "bullies a young Clark Kent before the two become friends."

This revelation is an interesting spoiler, leading us to speculate on whether the school bus crash scene seen in the trailer has anything to do with the development in the relationship between these two characters. What do you think?

There's no word on exactly how much of the bullying we'll see, but the two eventually set it aside and become friends. The fact that Clark was bullied as a kid will really show us his vulnerable side and humanize Kal-El. The fact that he can forgive this kid, who it's in his power to hurt, will be a foundation for the hero he will one day become. I just hope this is not done in some way that feels like a forced anti-bullying message. Please, no.

Are you looking forward to this plotline unraveling in Man of Steel, come June 14th?


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