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A brand new Man of Steel preview comic book by , which will be given away free with tickets to the Walmart-promoted early screenings, heavily hints at the possibility that Supergirl will appear alongside in 's upcoming Superman flick.

Comic Book has cleverly picked up on the fact that the cover of the Man Of Steel digital comic book introduces us to various preview pages from the comic revealing a female Kryptonian named Kara.

C'mon. Keep that brain ticking...

Yup! You got there: Kara Zor-El is Supergirl! Take a look:

It certainly seems as though Goyer is building up Kara as a Kryptonian survivor, meaning that it's possible that she'll make an appearance in Man of Steel or even Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. On one hand that would be awesome (let the casting speculation begin!), but on the flip side, I want to see Cavill's Superman really struggle alone, without any help. It'll be interesting to see how people tackle Man of Steel reviews with Easter eggs like this.

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