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I had no interest at all in Man of Steel for the longest time. Superman was always a hero I had trouble getting behind. I guess he was just a little bit too super for my liking. I mean, where's the peril when you're basically invincible? But I am pleased to say this opinion has changed. Man of Steel has now taken it's rightful place on my list of must see upcoming movies. A big part of this is due to the rather excellent trailers that have been unleashed in the run-up to its June 14th release.

So, it's with that in mind, that I have decided to review Man of Steel's major trailers. Take a look below:

Man of Steel Teaser Trailer - Released July 24th 2012



It's hard to believe that our first look at Man of Steel came almost a year ago in July. The very first teaser trailer came in two flavors: Jor-El and Jonathan Kent. Both of Supes' fathers provide him with some sage advice in approaching his life on Earth. I find Jor-El's speech particularly moving, especially his plea to Clark to save the people of Earth despite their fallibilities. Both trailers are also made much more poignant due to their use of the classic Lord of the Rings score, The Bridge of Khazad Dum. My only foibles with these trailers? The final special effects are a little bit hammy, although that's not surprising considering the film was not complete when these trailers were produced.

Man of Steel Official Trailer #2 - Released December 11th 2012


Our next look came in the December with the first official full trailer. The two and a half minute video seems to continue the themes developed in the teaser trailers, showing Clark Kent in a kind of existential-crisis. What's more, the trailer illustrated that Man of Steel would be different from how we've seen him in previous incarnations, making him more contemplative and less like a two-dimensional do-gooder. Perhaps, the best aspect of this trailer is its illustration that Man of Steel will exist within a recognizable and realistic world, complete with military involvement and perhaps even a prejudiced reception by humanity towards Superman.

Man of Steel Official Trailer #3 - Released April 16th 2013


This is the trailer which finally sold me on Man of Steel. Just as the the previous trailers built on each other, this third and most recent glimpse seemed to be a natural continuation of what we had seen before. While the first videos shows Clark Kent coming to terms with his powers, this final trailer shows those powers reaching fruition. This trailer also helped dispel my prejudice that Superman only ever seemed to save people from falling debris. Yes, we do see him doing a bit of that, but we also see him kicking all kind of ass in a very un-Boy Scoutish way. But perhaps best of all was the few moments when as General Zod appeared. He really did give me tingles down my spine.

How would you review Man of Steel's trailers?


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