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The movie Man of Steel is one of the best to come out so far in 2013. ’s take on the story of Superman is different than that of the previous Superman directors. Snyder, who is known for his work on Watchmen, 300, and Dawn of the Dead, has put together a great cast of people to fill out the roles in the movie.

, who plays Superman does an excellent job; you feel what he feels, and during the tornado scene, you want him to go out there and save his father from the tornado. You also feel his grief when he loses his father and also when he has to kill General Zodd. However, there were some character criticisms that I thought were valid.

Lois Lane / Superman relationship

One thing many people have complained about in the movie is that Lois Lane knows that Clark Kent is Superman. In all of the other Superman movies, she does not know that Clark Kent and Superman are the same person. Lois Lane finally finds out that Clark Kent is Superman later on, but she is madly in love with Superman.

Jenny Olsen

Having a Jenny Olsen instead of Jimmy Olsen is another interesting take. Later on in the comic book, Jimmy becomes a Jenny, and Lois becomes a Louis. Many people were wondering why they would introduce Jenny Olsen without first introducing her brother Jimmy. Jimmy was an integral character in the Superman comics, as he was Clarks friend. I don’t think that Jimmy ever knew that Clark Kent was Superman. Jimmy came to be saved by Superman so many times, that Superman gave Jimmy a watch that would emit a sound that only Superman would hear. In the movie, when Jenny gets trapped in the building, I was thinking that she would die, that way they could bring Jimmy to Metropolis to find out what happened to his sister.

What do you think the purpose of Jenny in the film was? DO you think it was necessary?


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