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It's been 15 years since Landon and Jamie waltzed their way into our hearts in A Walk To Remember. The characters' relationship was something truly special and it completely broke our hearts with the way it ended.

So, if you couldn't get enough of Mandy Moore (Jamie) and (Landon) together and were hoping for a reunion between these two young lovers, wait no more, as it's finally happened. Moore, West and their former director, Adam Shankman, reunited after this year's Super Bowl to catch up. Fortunately for us fans, they shared the glorious moment through their respective Instagram pages:

Mandy Moore:

The caption reads:

"Welp. These 2 gentlemen are still some of the best around. Loved catching up with ya. My heart is full."

Shane West:

"Last night after the Super Bowl, I got to see these two wonderful people... Had to steal the pic, hun."

Adam Shankman:

The director shared a different picture than the ones the actors showed and took the opportunity to pay tribute to the final line of the film:

"Over 3 hour catch up dinner with Many Moore and Shane West. After 15 years their love is still like the wind: I can't see it but I will always feel it. Love u guys soooo much."

The reunion is lovely, but could there be something more to it than just a friendly meet-up after a sporting event? When the movie turned 15 years old in January, we got strong evidence that could be pointing to something bigger going on behind the scenes. was asked by a fan whether a reunion with the cast would be happening soon and here's what she said:

The key word here is "working." Was their Super Bowl meet-up about ? There are many ways to have a cast reunion without actually reviving the project they started with (like Friends showed us), so it might not be a continuation of the story. Plus, considering the film's ending, it would be a bit hard to continue Jamie and Landon's story without introducing other... less realistic elements. But the director and cast have showed their love for the movie multiple times, so something could definitely happen. We'll just have to wait and see what that is.

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What did you think of the cast reuniting? Does it mean anything? Let me know in the comments!


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