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Mandy Moore might have won our hearts in the tear-jerking A Walk To Remember back in 2002, but the chronically underrated actor's new role in the poignant This Is Us proves that she is capable of way more than your typical romance fluff.

Moore's new show grabs our hand and leads us through the taboo subjects of infant mortality, strained relationships and the spectre of hopelessness with a surprising lightness of touch. Throughout this emotional whirlpool, Moore's character Rebecca is the glue that holds all the the threads in place.

Although Moore is a much beloved Hollywood figure in many circles thanks to her charming roles in Disney's Tangled and The Princess Diaries, the 32-year-old star has never really had chance to let her true acting strips show. Thanks to This Is Us she has fully emerged as a triumphant tiger of her craft.

If you haven't seen the show yet, check out the trailer —which garnered over 64 million Facebook views before the series even aired — below:

Why This Is Us Could Be The Beginning Of A Moorenaissance

We've all heard of Matthew McConaughey's so-called 'McConisance,' but he isn't the only celeb who is capable of breaking out of a typecast prison to become a seriously well-rounded actor. Just look at Channing Tatum, for example.

I believe that This Is Us represents a whole new beginning for Moore's career thanks to the meaty nature of her role that isn't afraid to tackle all of life's gristle. Below are some of the reasons why this is the part that has potential to catapult Moore into the stratosphere.

1. The Mother Of All Roles

Although Moore has had many starring roles throughout her career, she has always played the role of the ingénue. While roles that focus on young adult and teen experiences can obviously be emotionally dense, in Moore's case, it is this jump to adulthood that has given her a part to truly sink her pearly whites into.

By taking on the role of a mother trying to surf the tides of change while simultaneously being rocked by tragedy, Moore has the opportunity to really flex her acting muscles in a multi-layer role that shows both her strength and vulnerability.

2. Rising Like A Phoenix From The Failed Pilot Ashes

Mandy Moore has had her fair share of failed TV pilots, but they have only added fuel to her fiery ambition for success and left her determined to put her all into This Is Us.

When NY Mag asked Moore what it was like to be a part of a few shows that haven't made the grade, Mandy replied honestly by saying:

"It's pretty soul-crushing. I feel like I’ve been treading water for the past two or three years."

These "soul-crushing" defeats haven't been enough to stomp the actor's spirit though, and she refused to have a glass half through approach and instead chose to see her absence from the public eye as a blessing in disguise:

"People haven’t waited with bated breath, like ‘Oh, you had this huge hit song or huge hit record, you have to follow it up with something. I think it’s exciting because there is no expectation on me."

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3. Dedication To The Craft

While people like Jared Leto steal the spotlight with their dubious condom-ridden ways of showing their 'dedication' to their characters, Moore has chosen a much more sensitive approach. Sure it won't make headlines, but it has made a warm three dimensional character who audiences already care for deeply after one episode.

Moore's sensitive portrayal of the childbirth scene was thanks to her watching hundreds of videos of women giving birth, which, as a woman who doesn't yet have children, is an understandably harrowing thing to do. In Mandy's own words:

"Now I’m even more terrified of actual childbirth one day."

But, as anyone who watched the show will know, her hours down the black YouTube birthing hole were totally worth the distress. Moore's portrayal of a woman giving birth was world's away from the pantomime squealing and writhing we normally see:

"I wanted to make the pain realistic, not just that stereotypical screaming and buckling down."

4. A Genuine Chemistry

With a shared past as '00s heartthrobs, Mandy and her onscreen husband Milo Anthony Ventimiglia (of Gilmore Girls fame, duh!) have an undeniable chemistry that has both a sincerity and lightness of touch crucial for the role.

Although so far we have seen them deal with some seriously heavy subject matter, neither one of the actors have strayed into the too-oft-trodden territory of melodrama and it is their skill that makes the show so moving.


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