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Five is a cringeworthy age to be, but while most of us were content with loudly asking the checkout woman why she had a moustache, Mara Wilson was already reaching lofty heights of embarrassment that we can only dream of.

In a recent interview with the endlessly hilarious My Dad Wrote A Porno podcast (listen to it, listen to it now) revealed her most awkward moment on the Mrs Doubtfire set involved singing about sex and Robin Williams.

After praising the late great's influence on the Mrs. Doubtfire script — including the infamous "she smells funny too" line — Mara revealed that being a tiny tot on set meant she embarrassed herself in front of legends on the daily.

One of these nostalgic deep cringes occurred after Mara's mom had told her about the birds and the bees and she, in turn, wanted to tell everyone about it:

"I embarrassed myself a lot because I was five and didn’t really know what I was doing, like the time my mom gave me the sex talk and the next day I came into work and asked one of the makeup artists if she had done it."

Mara with Robin Williams in 'Mrs. Doubtfire' [Credit:20th Century Fox]
Mara with Robin Williams in 'Mrs. Doubtfire' [Credit:20th Century Fox]

If straight-up asking a grown woman if she had done the dirty wasn't bad enough, Mara literally made a song and dance about the whole sex shebang and performed it in front over everyone — much to Robin Williams's amusement:

“And then I think I started singing “I know about sex, I know about sex!” and I looked over and saw Robin and Chris Columbus"

Apparently, Robin was in full Mrs. Doubtfire drag for the impromptu performance and found the whole thing hilarious, asking Columbus:

"Did you hear Mara was asking Virginia about sex!?"

According to Mara, her subconscious didn't mercifully repress the incident and it haunted her for years:

“Once I gained more cognitive capacity I would lay in bed at night thinking about that.”

You can hear the words straight from Mara's mouth in the episode below:

Luckily, Mara grew up to be pretty much the coolest celebrity ever. If she can recover from that, you can totally regain your social status after that thing you did last Friday!

What was your most embarrassing childhood moment?

(Source: My Dad Wrote A Porno)


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