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Mark Newton

Love it or hate it, 's World War Z looks like its going to be one hell of a zombie massacring ride. We've already seen the trailer which shows going up against swarms, and I mean swarms, of the undead (or whatever they are), but now we've got a featurette which adds a bit of context to all this ghoulish chaos. Check out Marc Forster introduce World War Z below:


(via Youtube)

So far World War Z has kicked up a bit of controversy among the zombie-loving community. Yes, I agree, it doesn't really look like it has anything to do with the book, but then again, to purely recreate the book on the big screen would be near damn impossible. At the moment, I still think World War Z will deliver a zombie movie the likes of which we've never seen before.

Do you like the look of World War Z, or will you be staying away? Let me know below.


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