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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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World War Z may have achieved box office meltdown by making over half a billion dollars but the movie still received mixed reviews, with the bloodless ending often cited as reason for complaint.

World War Z's original ending would have climaxed with the battle to end all battles breaks in Moscow, featuring a ton of glorious carnage that would have been incredible on the big screen.

Unfortunately, director does not feel that a megaton of casualties would have been an appropriate ending. He explained that the bloodless finale was inspired by 's Alien 3, rather than an attempt to stick within a box office friendly PG-13.

inspiration from this came from the ending of Alien 3, the confrontation of Ripley and the Alien where the Alien avoids her because she’s pregnant. Personally, that was the inspiration when the glass door opens and you have the zombie face-to-face with Gerry and then walking by. I enjoyed that.

The ending of World War Z that made the final cut saw survivors tip-toeing through a medical research centre. Instead of the full-on international zombie warfare of a lifetime? Personally, I don't know that they would have opted for this ending if it weren't for budgetry constraints. I also feel that, despite the movie being very enjoyable overall, it lost fans due to a PG-13 rating limiting the amount of blood and violence. Forster defended the ending he chose:

I believed in this ending more than anything. What I also liked about it was every summer blockbuster is trying in the third act is to do a bigger set piece that’s bigger and louder than what you’ve seen in the rest of the movie. I felt going against the grain and doing something more quiet and simple will be so much interesting and refreshing and something that we’re not used to.

I was excited coming from a concept standpoint that everybody was willing to go there and not be like everybody else and do this big battle set piece, which was huge and loud and long; that we would go and take it in this smaller more quieter space.

Beg to differ, Mr Forster. Forgive me for thinking that a movie called World War Z should depict a massive global war with a huge budget and mountains of flailing zombie corpses rather than a few people shuffling around a laboratory in Wales. Save that for the movie called People in a Laboratory in Wales.

The scale of the zombie siege scene in Israel was amazing, showing that World War Z had the style and potential to be a zombie epic rather than just another shambling undead movie. I think they really missed a trick here. What do you guys reckon?

Quotations from Marc Forster from JoBlo.



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