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With a sixth season prepped to premiere this October, Arrow's future looks to be bright, but all good things eventually come to an end. With the show in full swing and coming off a powerful season 5, no one wants to think about the series' conclusion. Unfortunately, the executive producers have to always be prepared for the worst, especially since a show's renewal isn't in their hands.

It seems that has been prepared for quite a while, and they could work their ending into any season. Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim told reporters at the summer 2017 TV Critics' Association press tour that as long as the team received advance notice, Arrow could end exactly the way they want it to.

"We've always known how we want to end the show. That endpoint doesn't require X number of seasons. Let's say the ratings completely tank and Season 6 is the last season; we could work toward it as long as we knew with enough leeway. We could work toward the moment that we always knew about since Day 1. I always say when you get into any season, especially at this point, the ratings and the feedback and the network -- my instinct is we'll get sense halfway through the season how many more seasons we think we might get. We have a lot of ideas that can expand or contract depending."

But would The CW cancel Arrow and leave the spin-offs like and DC's airing? It wouldn't seem plausible as Arrow is the flagship, and the crossovers pull in some of the highest ratings for the network. Not to mention, it would be difficult to imagine the without, well, Arrow.

All of the shows are interconnected, and separating Arrow from the universe would remove one of the pillars that keeps the superheroes going each week. With the show heading into Season 6, it's only natural that discussions would arise about the continuation of a series, but series like Supernatural have proven that there doesn't have to be an end in sight as long as the stories remain fresh and the cast is committed.

Anyone who follows the Arrow cast on social media knows how committed they are to the success of this show. So, for now, let's hope cancellation is a long way off and concentrate on the premiere of season 6 on October 12th!

Do you think Arrow will continue beyond season 6?

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