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After the relative success of his Spider-Man movie debut last month, one question remains on our mind: will Webb be spinning out The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

It certainly looks that way... According to the L.A. Times, director is keen to return and, more importantly, Sony wants him back (hardly surprising considering the hefty $650 million the first movie raked in at the box office).

If Webb was confirmed for the second movie, he'd be accompanied by new writers and veterans and (both best known for , , ). They have already begun writing, along with — the guy responsible for the first The Amazing Spider-Man, who is also currently working on the screenplays for upcoming projects White House Down and RoboCop. Hopefully, the return of Webb would also mean a further exploration into the matter of Peter Parker's parents, or his 'origins', which was hinted at the first time around but never really got off the ground during the movie.

If Webb were to receive unbridled directorial access to Spidey, then he might be expected to provide a two-movie commitment; something which a lot of in-demand directors refuse to do as they often don't like tying themselves down to projects so far in advance. Nevertheless, it would give Webb the freedom to return to one of Hollywood's most-anticipated franchises of the moment. And we're sure he'd make a cracking go of it...

Should Webb or Sony decide not to further this agreement, then it opens the way for a new director. With a tentative sequel release date of May 2014, but Sony had better move fast! Who would you like to see in the directing chair, if not Webb? Do you think the agreement will transpire? Drop us your comments below!



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