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Alisha Grauso

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director has taken a page out of 's book when it comes to leaking set pics via his Twitter account.

His latest released pic was accompanied by the caption "Day 12. ", and it's a puzzler.

That's President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, except he appears to be made out of inked Post-It notes, know what, I don't even know.

Webb has previously released set images including some Oscorp gear, some of the gimbal equipment that helps Spidey fly, a pair of serious-looking FBI agents, and an ominous-looking locker. All of these things make sense.

But, mosaic FDR? That's a head-scratcher. Is it a straightforward Tweet, with "the passage" referring to a famous quote or speech of Roosevelt's? Or, is it something more cryptic, meant for only true Spider-Man fans to figure out using their comic book knowledge? This is some DaVinci Code ish, right here. I'm going to stop thinking about it, lest I start drinking and end up crying and singing along to Journey by 1 p.m., so I leave you faithful Moviepilots to it.

What do you think it is? Does it tie into the comics in some way? Have fun with it, and post your best theory in the comments.


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