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Comic-Con is a great time to get carefully prepared and vetted public announcements, but they don't really compare to a nice and personal chit-chat. FirstShowing recently sat down with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director to discuss this views on the franchise.

The lengthy chat covers a few topics including why Webb decided to change the suit for TASM2, the possibility of the Sinister Six popping up, and who he'd most like to see Spider-Man team up with. Surprisingly, he chose Fantastic Four over The Avengers. Check out the video below to see why:


Unfortunately, his dream is likely to be ruined for the most mundane of reasons — the fact Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four are owned by different studios. Sony has their claws into Spidey, while Fox has pinned down The Fantastic Four for the time being. So, unless these guys can all get together for the greater good, a Spidey-Fantastic Four team-up sounds a bit like a pipe-dream.

What do you think? Would you rather see Spidey fight alongside The Avengers or the Fantastic Four? Both are unlikely, but let us know your preference below.

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