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You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals, and it appears that neither are the Hollywood glitterati. Nothing spices up a good film like a well-placed sex scene to get things steamy. However, with an awkwardly placed merkin and an odd looking prosthetic peen, even with all the advances in CGI and camera trickery, Hollywood tends to make a shambles of a scene. It always seems that it is the stars of such sweaty romps are the first to complain, because yeah, rubbing your face in Kate Winslet's bosom must be so tiring.

Unless you are Sharon Stone flashing your lady garden in Basic Instinct, there isn't exactly a lot of praise surrounding sex scenes. It's all wobbly bits and awkwardly watching with your parents. However, even the good and the great of Hollywood have their favorite sex scenes, and unsurprisingly, it isn't any of the ones they may have been in.

It 'Moist' Be Love

In an interview with W Magazine, faces like , , , and all revealed their favorite sex scenes from cinema. There are no prizes for guessing that Rogen had the most out-there selection.

Robbie classily selected Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette cramming themselves in a phone booth for a '90s romp in True Romance. Theron took more of a fancy to Body Heat from 1981, and Cranston retained a hot spot for Maria Bello in A History of Violence.

It appears that celebrities have a weird obsession with puppet porn, as Trey Parker's Team America: World Police crops up several times (damn you, Rogen). Kristen Wiig is there too, and although she tries to think of something other than the "wood" of Team America, she eventually concedes that it really is the best sex scene out there.

Ironically, Wigg is the only one present who actually gets a shout-out herself. Saoirse Ronan mentions the Bridesmaids actress and Will Forte doing the comedy nasty for 2010 SNL spin-off MacGruber. Well, whatever floats your boat!

If you thought that seeing puppets rutting against each other was the weirdest sex scene out there, you thought wrong. Relive Rogen and Wiig's sex scene in Sausage Party and don't forget our poll below!


Which is the best movie sex scene?

(Source: W Magazine)


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