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Considering that January and February are the months of new starts and new work-out regimes, the following could just be the perfect inspiration that we need to shed those lingering, post-Christmas rolls of fat.

Australian actress Margot Robbie's body double has shared her secrets to getting that insane body, and considering fitness is her full-time job, we have it on good authority that she knows what she's talking about.

Margot Robbie in 'The Wolf of Wall Street' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
Margot Robbie in 'The Wolf of Wall Street' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

In a recent interview, Canadian Sarah Scotford — who happens to be a model, actor and stunt performer all rolled into one — revealed:

"Initially I wanted to be a plastic surgeon - but then I was drawn to a career in TV and film. I've always been into health and fitness, though, I think part of that is down to my dad, Chris. He was from the UK and he played rugby for Solihull; he actually held a Guinness World Record after he scored seven tries, one penalty and five conversions - a total of 41 points - in a game between Solihull and Esher on December 14, 1974."

When she was a youngster, her dad's sporty lifestyle rubbed off on his daughter and in her teenage years, she began working out with him and learning the importance of a strict fitness regime. She said:

"So, he was always working out at home in a make shift gym he built and I liked working out with him when I was younger. Sadly, he's passed away now, but I think I got my discipline of staying in shape from him."

When she finally stumbled upon a job opening as a body double later on in life, Sarah went for it and never looked back. These days, she shares her time between modelling and being a bad-ass body double, notably for actress Margot Robbie. Speaking of her time working on last summer's blockbuster, she shared the following anecdote of her time behind-the-scenes with DC's superheroes:

"Working on the Suicide Squad was so much fun, it was pretty full-on and we all became pretty close. It's a great industry to work in, it's sort of work-hard/play-hard. So, once filming was wrapped a bunch of us, including Margot and Jay Hernandez, got together for a golf tournament. It was fun; just getting smashed in the middle of a golf course and firing water pistols at each other."

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And as for how she keeps herself in such great shape, Scotford also shared some top tips on what to eat and how to get those rippling abs of steel:

"I don't like denying myself food. I wish I could be the sort of the person who has the willpower to say 'no' to unhealthy food, but I'm really not. I mean, I know I can't pig out - it's a sort of 'all things in moderation' attitude. I keep in shape mainly using high intensity interval training (HIIT) this works so much better for me, because it's quick and involves a lot of variety - I can't think of anything worse than just slogging away on a treadmill for hours on end. So, a typical workout for me would be: 45 seconds work followed by 15 second rest and I would do three rounds of burpees, Russian twists, push ups, plank jacks, squat jumps, lunges, skater jumps, reverse crunches, triceps dips and bridge ups."

Don't worry, if you're feeling slightly dizzy just by looking at this insane fitness regime, you're not the only one.


Do you have what it takes to follow this fitness regime?

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