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has already been snapped gracefully sailing across the ice with swan-like grace in preparation for her role as Tonya Harding, but the first images of the Aussie actor on set show that the movie will challenge perceptions of what a figure skater should look like.

Even during her olympic heyday, Tonya was considered 'large' for the sport and displayed a strong athletic figure in an arena dominated by waif-like ballerina types, so it's refreshing to see that I, Tonya will reflect this.

[Credit: ESPN]
[Credit: ESPN]

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The look that Robbie is modelling looks to be inspired by a photoshoot featuring Tonya modelling a casual look off of the ice, and the resemblance between the two is striking:

Although some actors choose to pile on the pounds for roles, Robbie's weight is clearly the work of padding as the star was pictured looking svelte at the Marie Claire's Image Maker Awards just a few days ago.

For those of you who don't already know the sport story of the century, will cover the events around the 1994 Winter Olympics that resulted in Harding's main competitor, Nancy Kerrigan, being attacked by hit-man hired by Tonya's ex-husband.

The hit-man, Shane Stant, was reportedly asked to break the rival figure skater's leg so she would be unable to compete. Harding pled guilty, but claims that she wanted to inform the authorities about the planned attack but was unable to due to threats of extreme physical violence against her.

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