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The legendary tale of and his fight against the rich and powerful is set to hit the silver screen again, twice.

On top of a project starring Jamie Fox in 2018, is also adapting the outlaw's classic folktale, this time with Margot Robbie as the leading character.

will pick up the bow and arrow in Marian as Maid Marian, the classic love interest of the ace archer.

The film will reportedly take place after Robin Hood's death and will tell the tale of Marian as she follows in her lover's footsteps and leads her people in a deadly war against their enemy.

Marian is being described as Braveheart meets Game of Thrones, which means we'll not only be getting a new twist on a classic tale, but we'll have another chance to see Robbie do what she does best: kick ass.

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Robin Hood, like King Arthur and Frankenstein, is a character whose story continues to stand the test of time, staying relevant and fun through many generations.

What keeps these stories entertaining through their various iterations, is that they always find a way to differ from the past. Having Margot Robbie as the new Robin Hood not only re-imagines the story from a female perspective, it also allows the story to further expand its mythology.

Robbie is an amazing actress and as one of today's fastest rising stars. She's more than capable of filling big roles that would've crushed a lesser actor. We've seen her bring beloved characters to life on the big screen such as Harley Quinn in and killed it. She's battled apes as Jane in and made it look easy. She even explained the stock market in The Big Short as herself and had us leaving the theater feeling as if we were a smarter audience. (Is there anything she can't do?)

Casting Robbie in role of Marian and re-imagining her as a badass hero for a modern audience isn't simply a great way to revitalize the classic story of Robin Hood, it's a stroke of genius.

Robbie wielding a bow and arrow on screen for two hours? Move over Katniss Everdeen, Marian is about to make her mark.

Are you excited to see Marian? Let me know in the comments!

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