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If you think you're having a bad hair day, just wait until you catch a load of Margot Robbie dressed as Queen Elizabeth I for her upcoming role in Mary Queen of Scots — it'll certainly put your complaining into perspective. Donning a fiery red wig, prosthetic nose and a heavily receding hairline, the Australian goddess is utterly unrecognizable. But first, remind yourself what she usually looks like:

And now take a peek at this drastic transformation:

Insane, right?! Major props to the hair and make up team on this one; the 27-year-old actress seems like a completely different person! You'd think that someone as hot as Robbie would have trouble looking anything but hot, but we stand corrected.

The profile shot below gives you a clearer view of the difference (and that fake honker):

And the next pic illustrates the resemblance to Queen Elizabeth I herself:

Based on John Guy's biography, My Heart Is My Own: The Life of Mary Queen of Scots, this historical biopic will follow the trials and tribulations of the 16th century Scottish monarch — played by Brooklyn's Saoirse Ronan — as she tries to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I, before being imprisoned and executed.

and Ronan will be joined by David Tenant, Guy Pearce, and Martin Compston. is slated for release in 2018.

Can you get over how different Margot Robbie looks as Queen Elizabeth I?


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