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is currently enjoying a new era of popularity. She’s not only one of the most prominent members of the family, she’s also one of the fiercest female superheroes swinging through the .

In late 2016, we learned the lesbian trailblazer would headline her own solo series for the second time, and fans have been anticipating Kate Kane’s adventures in the Universe ever since.

Her new monthly title begins with the one-shot, Batwoman: Rebirth #1 (released today) followed by Batwoman #1 in March.

Marguerite Bennett (DC Comics Bombshells) will pen the ongoing series alongside Steve Epting on art.

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The sensational scribe co-wrote the "Batwoman Begins" story arc that recently unfolded in with writer James Tynion IV (who, in turn, co-wrote the first story arc for Batwoman's new solo series with Bennett).

Bennett recently sat down with Movie Pilot to talk about the new adventures of Kate Kane, being a part of the superhero's groundbreaking legacy, and why Batwoman is one of the biggest badasses in the DC Universe.

Batwoman: Rebirth [Credit: DC Comics]
Batwoman: Rebirth [Credit: DC Comics]

Movie Pilot: Batwoman is considered an idol for many comic readers, myself included. How does it feel to be part of the legacy of a character who has made such a profound impact?

Marguerite Bennett: It’s an honor and a terror. There is no character I have dreamed of writing more than Kate Kane. Pray for me.

You've mentioned that she is your absolute favorite heroine. What does this character mean to you?

To me, Kate is a struggle. She’s fallible. She isn’t Wonder Woman; she isn’t that kind of icon. She fights, and she fails, and she splits her lip and bruises all the way to the bone and she claws up through the mud and keeps going. She isn’t aspirational; she isn’t clean. She isn’t a role model as we traditionally perceive them. She screws up and she faces her own consequences, but she can be selfish, stubborn, ferocious, blind. She means, in all things, to serve something greater than herself—to take the strength, courage, resources, and passion she was given and forge a world better than the one into which she was born. She’s an eternal struggle—a powerful, physical struggle—for peace in the world and in her own heart.

Kate has been an LGBT trailblazer in comics, being the first queer character to headline her own book. Can we expect to see more moments for her that continues to move the needle forward for queer visibility?

I mean, I wrote all these kissing scenes just for me, but if y’all want to read ‘em too, I’m not gonna holler.

But seriously: yes. And in the sense that a queer identity is not set simply by who one is or is not kissing.

(But there are a lot of kisses. I like kissing. Don’t make it weird.)

Batwoman Rebirth [Credit: DC Comics]
Batwoman Rebirth [Credit: DC Comics]

Kate is one of the most complex and interesting characters in the DC Universe. Which traits of hers do you admire most? Are there any that you dislike?

I like her fallibility. So many heroines in my youth had to be idols on altars. Or, if they screwed up, their faults were misunderstandings or good intentions gone awry. I like the darkness in Kate. I like the depth that even she hasn’t plumbed.

There are no traits I dislike, but the one that concerns me is her equation of safety with addiction. In her blackout years, she felt safe when she was drunk, because other people would take care of her. She lied because it was easier than admitting her failure. She sought to be anywhere but in her own senses, anchored to only one life. It’s a scary combination, and she will face the fallout.

James Tynion IV will be co-writing Batwoman's first arc with you, and we also have Steve Epting on art. How did this collaboration impact the story? Were there any fun surprises that occurred along the way due to working as a team?

James is my brother! In Detective, I follow his lead, and in Batwoman, he supports mine. He has the most gorgeous ideas for explosive, superheroic moments—the innovation that makes DC as iconic as it is—and I hope you’ll find my contributions emotional, painful, beautiful, and brutally funny. (Also a little sexy.)

James and I peek over each other’s shoulders all the time through the series, balancing tone, examining motive. (We also meet at a Mediterranean joint and talk plot over kebabs and olives. And cocktails. Maybe a few cocktails.) This may have been the origin of Coryana, hahaha.

Steve is so incredibly talented, so ambitious, and brings the most divine sense to the book. His layouts, his structures, his character details, the tension in his art, the elegance, the control—his work is exquisite and he is an absolute gentleman. I have no idea what I ever did to deserve to work with someone like him.

Batwoman Rebirth [Credit: DC Comics]
Batwoman Rebirth [Credit: DC Comics]

The beginning of this series will take us to an entirely new location, Coryana. Can you tell us more about this place and the effects it will have on Kate?

Coryana is a gorgeous hive of scum and villainy, located in the Mediterranean, about 80 miles off the coast of Malta. Anything can be bought there; anything can be sold. The island is a paradise of white beaches, black markets, stolen goods, wild roses, smugglers’ coves, beautiful assassins, brawling warlords, and one of the great, hidden passions of Kate’s life—as well as the site of her darkest regret.

Kate's relationship with her father, Jacob Kane, has had its ups and downs. What will his involvement be in her solo series?

Jacob’s involvement in Kate’s life is inescapable (to her chagrin), but he will largely be featured in Detective Comics, while Batwoman will largely focus on a unique cast all her own.

Batwoman Rebirth [Credit: DC Comics]
Batwoman Rebirth [Credit: DC Comics]

The first antagonist looks to be an assassin who goes by the name of Knife. Who is she, and what threat will she pose?

Knife came from a very dark place in Kate’s past, and one she thought she outran. She will be the bridge between two worlds in Kate’s life, slicing through all of the illusions Kate built for herself about who she is as a heroine as well as a human being.

I saw that you recently participated in the Women's March. If Kate was there, what do you think her sign would read?

“Never again” is right now.

During your time on the Batwoman, what are you hoping to achieve?

I hope we make something beautiful, brutal, and defiantly queer. I hope we show you elements of Batwoman and her world you’ve never seen before, had never even imagined, and push her to heights and drive her to depths that make you delight and despair for her. I hope we do justice to her legacy, and create the book I wish had existed when I was young and growing up.

What advice would you give to someone who is trying to find their strong, inner Kate Kane in today's world?

Take care of your sisters. Follow your conscience. Don’t give yourself away to something bigger than you; try to serve something better than you.

Batwoman Rebirth [Credit: DC Comics]
Batwoman Rebirth [Credit: DC Comics]

What is DC Rebirth? Here's a refresher:

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