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It seems like the unspoken rule of all show speculation is that as soon as a season has premiered, it's time to talk not about that one, but about the next — let's be real, aired episodes are just so last week. So while has finally returned with Season 7 after one of its biggest cliffhangers ever, we're already looking into Season 8, and the new cast members who are going to be needed after half the Alexandria team has been decimated by 's weapon of choice.

People is reporting that , who appeared this year in horror movie , will be getting a part in the show's upcoming season and joining Rick and the gang in apocalyptic zombie hell. The 49-year-old actress has starred in movies such as Prisoners and A History of Violence, but mostly she's excelled on TV in shows such as Prime Suspect and ER.

'I Am Obsessed With The Show'

Maria Bello in 'Prisoners'
Maria Bello in 'Prisoners'

It seems like you can be so obsessed with a show that you can ask them to write a part for you, as Bello did with one of the producers on The Walking Dead:

"I am obsessed with the show. I have a friend who's a producer on it and I've asked them to write me a part, which apparently they are for next season."

Negan / AMC
Negan / AMC

To be honest, wouldn't we all beg to get to put some zombie makeup on and trudge around the set with Rick and Negan if we could? Bello added that it didn't even really matter to her if her part was an actual character from the comics or not:

"Even if I just play a zombie. I said, 'I'll just come out and play a zombie for an episode, I don't care!' But it is my favorite show."

While there are no details of her role yet — will she be hidden in the walkers crowd? Or front and center as a fully fleshed out new character? — her addition to the show is certainly great news, and we can count as much on her talent as her passion to contribute to the awesomeness of The Walking Dead.


How happy are you with Season 7 of 'The Walking Dead' so far?

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