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Alisha Grauso

I'm honestly not sure what to make of Disney's upcoming Oz The Great and Powerful. I'm not sure anyone is. On one hand, , , and , oh my! On the other hand... in an odd bit of casting from a company that almost never goes wrong. Will it be a surprise hit like the version of Alice in Wonderland or will it be a hugely expensive flop?

But hey, you better believe the soundtrack just got that much more fabulous and divalicious. Is that a word? We'll pretend it's a word.

Indiewire reports that has recorded a song for the soundtrack. "Almost Home" will also have an accompanying video, directed by revered fashion photographer David LaChappelle, who described it as "a duet between Mariah and the movie". So...Mariah, clip of film, cut back to Mariah, clip of film, etc.

In any case, it will be nice to see the Grammy-winning Carey use her famous pipes for something other than yelling at for being, well, Nicki Minaj.


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