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Sacré bleu, why can't people just let dead dogs/bats lie? Some call it the worst death for one of the best films in recent times, and seeing Marion Cotillard's Miranda Tate shake her head and slip into death in the third of the Nolanverse films is still a real blunder. Even in the four years since it came out, the scene hasn't exactly aged well — it almost makes you wish you could shake your head to death too!

'The Dark Knight Rises' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'The Dark Knight Rises' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

From the glaringly obvious reveal that Cotillard was actually playing Wayne's nemesis/part-time lover Talia al Ghul, things didn't go great for Miranda Tate in The Dark Knight Rises. Stopped from executing her plan at the last minute behind the wheel of a what looks like a garbage truck, you can relive her death scene in all its toe-curling glory below.

It seems that just like elephants, bats never forget, and the ghost of Talia is still haunting Cotillard. When promoting her latest film Allied to French site Allocine, the subject of Batman inevitably spread its wings during an interview:

"Sometimes there are failures, and when you see this on screen, you're thinking: 'why? Why did they keep that take?' But either you blame everyone or nobody. But I thought people overreacted, because it was tough to be identified just with this scene. When I'm doing the best I can to find the authenticity in every character that I'm playing, it's tough to be known just for this scene"

The interview also randomly edits in a clip of Cotillard on a French TV show. She somehow was roped into a rap battle when her opponent gave the ultimate burn:

"The only thing worse than your rap is your death in Batman."

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With an awkward smile, her only response is "that sucks." However, fear not Marion, there are worse on-screen deaths out there, so let's round up of cinema's most ridiculous demises:

1. What's Up Doc - 'Shoot 'Em Up'

The story of Clive Owen's gritty drifter failed to set 2007's box office alight, but it goes down in internet fame for the hero's unusual method of dispatch. Having an unhealthy addiction to carrots, Owen's Mr. Smith actually uses them to kill some of his victims. Apparently a gentle palm push with the orange vegetable is a very effective way to take down an opponent. Now we know what to do if we are held up in a grocery store!

2. 'She Always Did Enjoy A Good Squeeze' - 'Goldeneye'

Famke Janssen's Xenia Onatopp is one of the best James Bond henchmen ever created, and the creative way she crushes people to death during sex was a little hornier than it should have been. However, her death, strapped to a helicopter, is typical Bond stupidness. After having her spine broken, and crashing a helicopter, Pierce Brosnan couldn't resist one more cliché Bond witticism. You slick lothario, James.

3. Taxiiiii - 'Meet Joe Black'

Wow, that rubber doll and blurry CGI really did a number on Brad Pitt. Looking more like something from a Final Destination film, or the end of Mean Girls, the death of Pitt's "coffee shop guy" was instrumental to the rest of the film, but it doesn't stop it looking ridiculous!

4. Ready To Pop - 'Live And Let Die'

There are so many ridiculous Bond deaths, but pipping Xenia's treetop terror is Dr. Kananga from Live and Let Die. The amazing soundtrack from Paul McCartney and Wings couldn't save the film from the ridiculous villain death. After being hit with an expanding shark gun pellet, Kananga inflates to a huge size and explodes like a balloon. Classic Roger Moore era cheese.

5. Occupied - 'Jurassic Park'

I remember being told off for laughing at it, but seeing the slimy Donald Gennaro caught short in a rex attack is right up there with hilarious movie deaths. I am pretty sure that Jurassic Park is one of the few films that can nail a toilet death. The death is insanely ridiculous, but it somehow doesn't detract from the near-perfect skill of the Spielberg epic.

6. Hungry For A Bite - 'Deep Blue Sea'

Deep Blue Sea, the story of super-intelligent sharks, is an underrated gem, plus it has Samuel L. Jackson. The height of lunacy (apart from electrocuting sharks and a near-nude Saffron Burrows) is when Jackson's Russell Franklin gives a stirring speech on how they will all survive. In one of the ultimate "movie jump" scenes, Franklin is plucked from the water's edge by a ravenous great white.

'The Dark Knight Rises' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'The Dark Knight Rises' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

So just think, it could always be worse, Marion, it could always be worse. Admittedly not much, but Talia Al Ghul's death isn't as bad as others'. Nowadays she appears to try and laugh off her naysayers and wave her Academy Awards in their face for good measure:

"Yes, it's important to know how to laugh about this, and also, there are worse things in life...Even if there are things that can hurt you. But I wasn't really affected by this. I just though the reaction was disproportionate, and it helps to laugh about it."

It is doubtful that her death scene infamy actually keeps Marion up at night, especially when you have a big pile of money to keep you warm. Oh Talia, sleep tight my sweet princess, at least you're with Daddy now.

Check out the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises to try and remember why the film actually was great — also, don't forget our poll below!


Was Talia's death as bad as we say it is?

(Source: Allocine)


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