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One of the most popular comedy channels on YouTube, Bad Lip Reading, is back at it again today with another great video. Bad Lip Reading's Star Wars dubs are some of their most popular, and today, they added another one to the set with their take on The Force Awakens — featuring Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill...

But not playing Luke Skywalker.

There were two things that made this one special. Not only did they honor the late Carrie Fisher at the end of the video, but Hamill is credited as playing...Han Solo?!

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Hamill, of course, is no stranger to voice acting — with his iconic voice as the Joker, plus some other smaller parts like Skips from Regular Show. But in this, he absolutely killed it! That is a Harrison Ford impression for the ages.

In the past, the YouTube channel got stars like Jack Black and Bill Hader to do Star Wars Bad Lip Readings — but snagging the Original Trilogy's star is by far their biggest "get" yet. Hamill still has a great sense of humor, and he clearly loves this franchise enough to go on a silly internet show and do something like this. And now we're more excited than ever to see the first official footage from The Last Jedi!


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