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A few days ago, shared with the Twitterverse a rare behind-the-scenes picture of him on the set of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. In fact, it might even have been the first-ever picture of him as Luke Skywalker.

Along with the dozens of fans sharing their favorite pictures of the young , a fan who goes by the name “MarkHamill UK/France” shared his own favorite:

Only this one has a bit of a backstory!

Credit: 20th Century Fox
Credit: 20th Century Fox

When this picture was taken, refused to allow it to be released to the public. Why? Lucas was pretty controlling when it came to details about his new film, so when this picture was snapped of a young Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, it didn't see the light of day for quite some time, thanks to a slight wardrobe malfunction.

More Star War news:

Hamill himself replied to the tweet, much to the fan's delight, explaining what we were seeing and why the picture wasn't released at first:

He even managed to squeeze in a shout out to The Supremes and their hit song from the '60s.

The megafan, understandably, was extremely happy at the reply from his idol, who later fulfilled the dream of any fan of any Hollywood star, and clicked “follow” on the fan's account!

Thanks to MarkHamill for making one fan's day, and that fun little factoid from a long time ago on a film set far, far away!


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