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It's been a big week for reveals in the not-so-private life of Carrie Fisher, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. In what appears to be a drawn-out publicity stunt for her upcoming memoirs, The Princess Diarist, Fisher confirmed fans' suspicions that she and Harrison Ford had indeed lived out Han and Leia's on-screen chemistry during a three month love affair.

While the two managed to keep their romance a secret for 40 years, they were almost outed when Mark Hamill rocked up unannounced to one of their sexy sleepovers.


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In an excerpt from Fisher's book, she revealed that the two often booked motels for the weekend rather than staying at each other's houses. The reason for their secrecy is obvious: Ford was a married man, and had a family.

During a rare weekend spent together at Ford's apartment, the two were shocked when Mark Hamill walked in the door— and it was obvious that Fisher "hadn't just dropped by for brunch".

So what did the two do to throw Hamill off the scent? They held hands and announced their "engagement".


Fisher explained the logic behind the tactic:

"It was hiding in plain slight, mocking the suggestion there was anything going on... a technique I like to use to this day."

Weirdly enough, it worked. Hamill didn't suspect a thing, and Fisher claims he was genuinely "shocked" when she recently let him in on the secret.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hamill confirmed that he'd been blissfully unaware of what was going on between his co-stars:

"I was so self-involved at that point, they could've been doing it in front of me and I wouldn't have noticed."


Ford has a reputation for being incredibly private about his personal life, so it should come as no surprise that he hasn't publicly commented on his romantic relationship with Fisher. But what does come as a surprise is the fact that Ford and Fisher have never discussed the affair since it was called off.

Fisher did inform Ford that her book would finally make their affair public, to which he joked about contacting his lawyer. However, she still hasn't heard back from him since sending him an early manuscript of her book months ago. Let's hope there's no need for Fisher (or her lawyers) to be concerned!


Do you think Mark Hamill suspected the secret affair during the filming of the original Star Wars trilogy?

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