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In , we were treated to over two hours of Resistance fighters, droids, a princess, and a scruffy-looking nerf herder. It sounds a bit like Star Wars: A New Hope, only with one huge difference. Luke Skywalker now looks like this:

If you follow 's Twitter, then you were treated to a blast from that past this weekend when he posted a picture from the first day of filming !

He said that this could be the very first picture of The Chosen One, taken in 1976 in the Tunisian desert.

Twitter understandably lit up, with both fans and those working in the film industry with Hamill responding. Publicist Gary Miereanu replied with this:

Hamill's response:

Fans were quick to share their favorite pictures from the early days of , too.

And of course, the obligatory hamster:

Crazy to see how he's gone from the wide-eyed protege to the grizzled old veteran of the universe, right? From that baby-faced kid to this grizzled hermit:

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Have any old-school behind the scenes pics to share? Post your favorite Star Wars pics in the comments!


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