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Mark Hamill may have risen to fame as Luke Skywalker, but for cartoon and video game fans, many of us will always know him as the .

Courtesy: GameSpot/YouTube
Courtesy: GameSpot/YouTube

Over the years, he's voiced the ultimate villain in various roles, but his most recent Joker portrayal had nothing to do with a video game or animated series: On New Years Eve, President-elect Donald Trump partook in his favorite past time, tweeting to his many "enemies" and followers on Twitter.

A fan of Mark's on Twitter (Matt Oswalt, a.k.a. Patton Oswalt's brother, as it turns out) saw the tweet, and couldn't help but notice that it had a certain tone to it that we may all recognize:

appeared to agree, and soon we all got a delightful little tweet from "Mista J" wishing us a Happy New Year, using Trump's own words.

Just imagine if we got all the Joker actors over the years to do that laugh at the end...

Mark doesn't seem to be a huge fan of Trump overall, judging from his response when the other Patton brother, Oswalt, had a suggestion for him:

Trump has yet to reply as he's too busy making comments about Russia and still trying to say he got more votes than Hillary. Let's hope he keeps up with those wonderful tweets, however, and Mark continues the Joker/Trump saga. May I suggest this one next?

I, for one, would listen to an entire series of these. What about you?

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