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Five episodes into Season 3, The Flash has already introduced a variety of new characters to the already-massive DCTV universe — but could the biggest bad of all be coming?

New set images have emerged that show Mark Hamill on set alongside John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick's Flash; Hamill is wearing an outfit that is quite different from what we've seen him in so far. The last time Hamill made an appearance on The Flash, he portrayed the Trickster — but this time around, Hamill looks more like the Earth-3 version of the Joker from DC Comics.

The Jokester, DC Comics.
The Jokester, DC Comics.

Is Hamill The Joker — Or The Jokester?

The Earth-3 version of the Joker differs from his Earth-1 counterpart in several ways. For one, he's deemed the Jokester instead of the Joker, and his arch-nemesis is Owl-Man. The Jokester actually resides on Earth-3 as the heroic counterpart to the maniacal Earth-1 Joker. As a hero on his home of Earth-3, the Jokester took to fighting with Owl-Man on a consistent basis.

The Jokester and Owl-Man, DC Comics.
The Jokester and Owl-Man, DC Comics.

If Hamill is indeed portraying the Jokester on The Flash, we could see Owl-Man. However, it's clear that Hamill isn't mirroring the Jokester to a fine point — since he's firing a tommy gun carelessly into a crowd.

Hamill's new appearance definitely has some traits of both the Jokester and the Joker melded in, but the images of Hamill in Joker-esque action make it quite apparent that he's not the heroic Jokester of Earth-3. And yet, considering that Hamill has been seen filming alongside John Wesley Shipp, the scene probably takes place on Earth-3.

On Earth-1, Shipp portrays Henry Allen, but on Earth-3, he's Jay Garrick. With that in mind, it wouldn't be impossible for Hamill to be portray various characters in a similar manner. If so, Hamill's Earth-1 counterpart might be the Trickster while his yet-to-be revealed Earth-3 counterpart is the Joker, a role he's famously voiced for decades, including the recently released The Killing Joke.

There still has been no confirmation of Mark Hamill portraying the Joker — it's possible that the Trickster just has a new look — but if he is finally depicting the Clown Prince of Crime in live-action, then it opens up the door for another more pivotal character from DC Comics to join the Flash/Arrow-verse: Batman.

Could Batman Make An Appearance In The DCTV Universe?

Not so long ago we'd guess "no," since it seemed that DC didn't want to bring its heaviest-hitters to television, but Tyler Hoechlin playing Superman on Supergirl changes that assumption.

Seeing as the Joker has always been Batman's greatest foe, it would be odd not to include Bruce Wayne if Hamill were indeed playing some version of the Joker, as implied by his outfit sporting traits of both the 1940s-era Joker and the Earth-3 Jokester's costume. And we can't fail to mention Hamill sporting a bright red grin, identical to that of the Joker.

Where And How Could Batman Appear on 'The Flash'?

Considering that filming for Season 3 of The Flash is still underway and we're already five episodes in, the scene depicting Mark Hamill alongside Jay Garrick might not take place until the last few episodes of the season. If so, the Joker could appear during the Season 3 finale as he prepares to take center-stage during Season 4. Perhaps, as a cliffhanger, Team Flash won't find a way to beat the Joker — and Batman shows up with a solution to their problem.

Both previous seasons of The Flash have ended on massive cliffhangers. With that in mind, what would be a better cliffhanger than the DCTV debut of the Dark Knight? That would make an incredible lead-in to Season 4, but until Hamill's Flash character is confirmed, it's just hopeful thinking.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8PM on The CW.

Do you think Mark Hamill is portraying the Joker on The Flash? Who should portray Batman, if that's the case? Or is Hamill just reprising the Trickster? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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