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Depending on who you ask, Suicide Squad is either the best of its kind or one of the superhero movie genre's worst examples, and this split among fans extends to one of the franchise's key characters, the Joker (Jared Leto). However, one particular fan of Leto's alternative take on the classic villain is Mark Hamill – a man who can certainly be considered an authority on the subject matter.

Mark Hamill Shows Respect To His Fellow Joker

'Justice League' [Credit: Warner Brothers Animation]
'Justice League' [Credit: Warner Brothers Animation]

Recently, a fan named Yan Eden made a video dedicated to the , which imagines the Clown Prince of Crime hosting his own talk show. In the fan-made short, Joker shares his thoughts on the recent slew of Joker-related projects coming from the DC Extended Universe (). The video has since gone viral on social media, and a fan on Twitter suggested that Jared Leto should check it out. This is when DC legend surprised everyone by responding with high praise for Leto's take on the Joker in .

This is not the first time Hamill has praised Leto's otherwise divisive take on the Joker. Last year, Hamill expressed his love for Leto's version of the character during his interview with Polygon. In fact, he even went as far as to say that he's never seen a terrible iteration of Joker.

"Everyone brings a different spin to the character ... I don’t think there’s a definitive version of the Joker and I don’t think there can be. It’s like Hamlet, really. It’ll be constantly redefined."

As synonymous as Hamill's voice has become with the Joker, he can't be the only Joker around. The actor makes a good point when he says that the character needs to be changed every now and then to avoid making the antagonist feel stale and repetitive. This is something Leto also agreed with during an interview with On-Demand Entertainment.

"...when you play the Joker, there’s no ownership there... You have the honor of holding the baton for a little while and then passing it off. There are other films that are in development and I’m excited to see what comes from them."

The DCEU Joker seen in Suicide Squad may not be able to surpass the now-legendary performance from Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, but Leto's version of the iconic villain can still be considered unique. With Hamill’s blessing and some dedicated fans onboard, we can look forward to seeing Leto further develop his version of the Joker in future DCEU installments.

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