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Now, it's ultimately difficult to know exactly who might theoretically be the world's biggest fan of , 's most fundamentally unnerving villain, and comic book fandom's go-to off-kilter icon. Would it be a genuinely devoted kid out in a small town somewhere, or one of those "creepy clowns" that made headlines a while back? Is it a 70-year-old comic book collector who owns every last one of his on-paper appearances, or a make-up-splattered serial killer with a severe imitation complex?

Well, oddly enough, it's (almost certainly) none of the above. Y'see, in a move that shouldn't really be in any way surprising:

Mark Hamill Has Once Again Proven That He's The Joker's Biggest Fan

'Batman: The Animated Series' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Batman: The Animated Series' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

More specifically, — who has of course voiced The Joker in more on-screen projects than you can shake a mint condition Batman #1 at — just celebrated the 77th anniversary of the villain's first appearance by sharing a fan-made image of the folks who have played him on screen, accompanied by a genuinely sweet message:

Yup, that's right. Mark Hamill remains arguably The Joker's biggest fan because of his history of job creation (and, of course, all the chaotic villainy).

Which, sure, would be deeply disturbing if we were talking about a real person, but there you go. I mean, who on Earth would ever celebrate — or, Kirby forbid, vote for — a real person whose only visible "qualities" are job creation and the production of studiously self-serving mayhem? Such a figure is, as we've all learned from years of comic book absorption, quite clearly the bad guy. Of course, we needn't really worry, since in the real world we would surely notice the villain's menacingly toned face, intermittent rage spurts and utter lack of empathy as the signs of super villainy that they surely are, right?

Right? Right? Aw, nuts.

What do you think, though? Who's your favorite headline-grabbing supervillain of the moment? Let us know below!


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