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In addition to being known around the world as since 1977, has been a prolific voice actor for over forty years and his talented throat has been the home of the menacing voice of for Comics since 1992. He has been a staple in the video games as well and most recently voiced the Joker for the Batman: Arkham VR.

Is there anything more unsettling than hearing the Joker in a virtual reality headset? As a matter of fact, there is and Hamill has been sharing it with us regularly since Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States.

The actor has been recording himself reading Trumps Tweets in the voice of The Joker, and they are as frightening as they are funny. Hamill recently posted a new installment of this saga reading the President's controversial allegations he tweeted regarding the possible "wire tapping" of his phone and Trump Tower by the Obama administration. At this rate, Hamill will soon have enough material for a new show featuring President Joker.

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The Post That Started It All

To ring in the New Year, at the suggestion of 's brother Matt, Hamill decided to recite the "loving" tweet posted by then-President elect and it was marvelously sinister:

And The Tweets Keep On Coming

Since the now President of the United States utilizes to share his all-encompassing thoughts - no matter what time of day or whether appropriate - Hamill thought it prudent to continue on with this glorious tradition by reciting whatever important thought President Trump has with his brilliantly terrifying Joker voice.

Although he has stated in an interview with the Huffington Post that he doesn't want to make this an ongoing thing, there are a number of Trump Tweets that beg for the Hamill Joker treatment.

Joker's Unhappy With Possible Obama Wiretapping

The most recent scandal plaguing the Trump administration, besides everything, is the allegation made regarding possible "wire tapping" at the Trump Tower prior to "the victory." Hamill combines five of Trump's tweets into a delicious 53 second piece complete with popping sounds and dramatic laughter.

In Response To The "Overrated Meryl Streep"

During the in February, delivered a speech about Trump's actions without uttering his name once. The actress - who has phoned in many of performances throughout her forty year career - was labeled as "overrated" by the President. Hamill took to the recording booth to recite the tweets perfectly.

A Very Special Message For Martin Luther King Day

Trump's tweets about Congressman John Lewis on Martin Luther King Day made Hamill's jaw "hit the ground." He refers to this recitation as something he had a "moral obligation to do."

Hamill recently took a page out of the Trump Twitter Handbook and chastised "washed up loser" Mark Hamill for not joining his father and winding up with no lines in : The Force Awakens. Sad!

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Which of the Joker recitations was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


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