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On this day in 2016, the world lost Carrie Fisher after the beloved actress went into cardiac arrest while traveling. It was a heartbreaking loss for millions of Star Wars fans, but even more devastating to her family and friends. One of those friends, Mark Hamill — Fisher's costar in the Galaxy Far, Far Away since 1977just posted a brief, thoughtful remembrance on Twitter and Instagram.

The two appear together again in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which premiered earlier this month. In their scene (spoilers follow), Luke Skywalker tells his sister Leia, "No one's ever really gone," a line that refers to her son Ben, her husband Han Solo and soon Luke himself. But the line's greatest impact, fans agree, is how it seems to refer most of all to Fisher.

The significance of the dialogue isn't lost on Hamill, who quoted it while sharing a couple photos, a hilarious drawing of Fisher with her dog Gary, and the hashtags and :

Replies from fans included, "That was the hardest part of watching this movie" and "This part made me cry. Buckets. I made it through the entire film without actual tears. Then this. And I sat there, sobbing, as the theater cleared out." As emotional as the line is, though, it's giving many fans a sense of closure a year later — and, hopefully, it's doing the same for the actor who spoke it.

Carrie Fisher appears in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, now playing in theaters everywhere.


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