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Mark Newton

George Lucas and Mark Hamill are offering a prize so incredible, I fear the person who wins it might just instantly die of happiness overload.

As part of an Omaze fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and have teamed up to let one fan visit them at Lucas' famous Skywalker Ranch. To rile up all the Star Wars nerds and make as much cash as possible, Hamill has posted a video online showing off some of his favorite Star Wars fan creations. Check out the winners below (SPOILER ALERT: One of them is a bagpiper wearing a kilt dressed as Darth Vader while riding a unicycle.)


What do you think? Best prize ever? I just hope it isn't a trap...

Anyway, if you want to get involved, enter the sweepstakes here.

What would you ask Lucas and Hamill if you got to hang with them at Skywalker Ranch? Let us know below.


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