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Mark Hamill is known for using his Twitter to tease fans. Just recently he posted the first photo of Luke Skywalker from the set of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, but a few days before that he may have dropped a huge hint for — and no-one even noticed.

Sending a message of love across the planet to fellow actor John Boyega, Hamill complimented Boyega on his skills with a lightsaber — jokingly referring to the actor as his "son", in a nod to the many theories about Luke having secret offspring.

But what's really interesting about this tweet is Hamill's focus on Boyega's swordfighting proficiency, as this may be a hint that Finn will wield a saber again in .

Although the marketing for set Finn up to be the Saga's next Jedi, in the movie he only fought with the lightsaber twice — once against the fan-nicknamed TR-8R Stormtrooper, and once again facing Kylo Ren. The latter battle was brief, leaving Finn injured and recovering in the Resistance base, while Rey went off to find Luke Skywalker.

Neither of these scenes featured Luke, meaning that Hamill was likely not on set for either, or for Boyega's lighstaber training. We're left wondering why Hamill would mention Boyega's proficiency with the legendary Jedi blade now, over a year after The Force Awakens was released... unless, and this is wild speculation, the two actors had recently blocked a lightsaber battle scene together for The Last Jedi.

Many fans would love to see Finn pick up a lightsaber again, especially if that means those hints in The Force Awakens were right, and that he is secretly Force sensitive. Even if that's not the case, it would be exciting to see Finn and Luke meet in Star Wars Episode 8, if only because the two actors have a great relationship that we'd like to see paralleled in their characters onscreen.


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