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The Reddit interview is a phenomenon which allows fan boys and girls to meet their idols, where we recently saw one with the master of deadpan Bill Murray; now it's Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker's turn to assume the hot seat. The original thread is incredibly long due to Hamill being a very generous orator, so I've selected some of the best comments to give you a brief overview of Mark Hamill on:

His 6 year old hero

I used to watch superman on TV, and i loved the idea of flying. i used to wonder if i wanted to fly like superman or peter pan. Peter Pan looked like it was more fun, superman was so bolt straight. And i loved Zorro, the old Disney Zorro. What is it with guys with secret identities who go out and fight crime? And James bond. I loved all that stuff.

Best Achievement?

Not rushing out of the room for a bowl of guacamole and a bag of potato chips. I always think of more personal than professional. I'm so proud of my 3 children and so happy with my wife and dog and little house and acre of land. I always think a day when you never get out of your pajamas is a win.

Older Luke Skywalker: beard or no beard?

I have a feeling it's beard, but I have no confirmation of that. My wife said if you grow a beard, you'll cover up your cleft chin. I've never read any of the novelizations or anything but someone said to me, 'you're married, you have children.' Based on Obi-Wan I would have guessed I'd be living in an igloo or something. He was more spiritual, he didn't have a wife or children. And when you find out one of the only eligible women in the galaxy is your sister, it really cuts down on your odds of hooking up with anyone. But that's not what these movies are about. The charm of the trilogy is it appeals to the child in all of us. It goes back to playing in your backyard. It's very primal, it's good versus evil, a high sense of adventure.

Well I'm glad to hear that someone else counts serious but very rare chill time as a great achievement, marking as the ultimate dude in my book. What do you think?

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