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You may know him as Luke Skywalker, but these days Mark Hamill has rebranded himself as social media comedian extraordinaire. When he's not channelling the Joker to mock Donald Trump, the 65-year-old Star Wars icon is proving he's still got it with some seriously cheeky hashtags.

But this time, instead of chiding Trump, he's focused all his social media might on a familiar face: The Force Awakens director J. J. Abrams.

Using some expert-level hashtagging, Hamill hinted at his "Oscar-worthy monologue" being cut short at the end of — luckily, "silence speaks" louder than words sometimes!

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What Is Hamster Hashtags?

A New Hope [Credit: Lucasfilm]
A New Hope [Credit: Lucasfilm]

Hamster Hashtags is a trend started by fans of Mark Hamill ("Hamster"), as an ode to his social media prowess. A photo of Hamill is uploaded to the Twitter account @HamsterHashtags, and Hamill's fans compete to come up with the best caption in hashtag form. The account and competition is fan-run, and inspired by Hamill's own hilarious hashtagging.

Hamill has been invited to engage in the competition before, and it looks like he's finally taken up the challenge:

Suffice to say Hamill probably won this round of the competition. Though to be fair, he should probably be excluded from competing— his hashtag skills are just too next-level.

2017: The Year Of Mark Hamill's Oscar-Worthy Monologue?

The Force Awakens [Credit: Lucasfilm]
The Force Awakens [Credit: Lucasfilm]

The Force Awakens was nominated for a handful of Academy Awards upon release, but the stars themselves were snubbed— and that includes Hamill. It's hardly surprising, considering his very short appearance. That prolonged moment of eye contact may have triggered some serious emotions for Star Wars fans, but it wasn't exactly "Oscar-worthy".

However, there's new hope for Hamill in the form of his next Star Wars escapade, . While Star Wars has snagged a few Academy Awards in the past for production, the narrative and acting isn't quite what you'd expect to see recognized by the Oscars.

Then again, perhaps Hamill has plans to change all that— could his cheeky tweet be a hint at what's to come?


Do you think Mark Hamill will deliver an Oscar-worthy monologue in 'The Last Jedi'?

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