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Jennifer Geacone-Cruz

Whoever thought that was a left-field choice to direct the upcoming The Fantastic Four reboot is full of it. Remember Chronicle? Dark, just a little bit gritty, and as real as something like that ever gets. In my opinion, he's a really solid choice to take over the Fantastic Four and reclaim it from the mire of cosmic-energy melted cheese that it's been stuck in from the start.

, comic writer extraordinare, is now Fox's Creative Consultant and extolled the virtues of a Trank-led FF to SciFiNow. Millar qualifies Trank by pointing out that he's got some cred for it already:

Chronicle, if you think about it, was similar to Fantastic Four in that it was a bunch of people who were transformed into something more than human – that turned out almost his calling card to come and do something like Fantastic Four.

He even equates some aspects of it to "Ridley Scott moments". It appears he knows something that we do not yet know, so maybe the naysayers should give Trank another chance. It's still early days and there's a lot of ground yet to be covered on this one, so I am choosing to be optimistic and say that there is time yet for Josh to fulfill expectations.


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