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Following the announcement of an X-Force, 20th Century Fox's has said that the X-Men franchise is "building up towards something".

Speaking to Collider at last week's Comic-Con, Millar didn't name any specific franchises or characters that might be on the studio's radar, but he did reveal that the plan is to build towards something big, that he's "talking to some people, bringing in some people." See for yourselves:

A good five to ten golden franchises in there? I'd agree with that sweet, sweet assessment, as Fox has proven that they can get audiences to care about movies without big name mutants (First Class) and more character-centric flicks with only one real celeb in the mix (The Wolverine). With 's The Wolverine performing well internationally, there's definitely room for further solo adventures from 's Logan, too, all of which is a solid foundation for potential future movies, including that long-teased Deadpool reboot...

While Millar's comment is far from the final word, at least we know an average number for our dream casting. Who would you like to see next on the big screen? Anyone up for a Magneto movie? Let me know in the comment section below!



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