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One of the many wonders of 's The Avengers was just what it managed to do with The Hulk.

's take on the green ball of raging anger really connected, and was the biggest talking point of The Avengers; more so than Captain America's advanced flair for logistics. More so than 's decision to play Loki as Pete Campbell from Mad Men. Even more so than Iron Man's continuing transformation into .

Hardly surprising, then, that chat began almost immediately about a new standalone Hulk project. Recent rumours, now denied, then suggested that Marvel was weaving The Avengers: Age Of Ultron towards a new Hulk film.

But the Ruff has recently addressed the current round of rumors on his Twitter page. Take a look:

It's easy to read too much into those, of course, but it's interesting that he said that he's not "giving up". Does that mean he's been pressing for a new Hulk movie himself, we wonder?

It would be interesting to see how Marvel tried to handle a new Hulk flick. At least in Ruffalo it has the best actor ever to play him. And it helped that Ruffalo had Whedon behind him, of course, so hopefully they'd team up again if this new movie ever came to fruition.

The Avengers 2, featuring Ruffalo as the Hulk, will be in cinemas in 2015. Do you think we'll be hearing more about a Hulk movie before then?



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