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As Marvel Studios aims at maintaining a tightly-knit cinematic universe and providing fans with ever-evolving twists in their films, they rely on social media blackouts and review embargoes to keep a lid on spoilers. While fans willingly adhere to such rules, it looks like Marvel's toughest task is getting their own actors to do the same—and this time, it's not Tom Holland, but Mark Ruffalo.

After the massively successful Spider-Man: Homecoming, as Thor: Ragnarok is Marvel's next big release this year, it's reasonable for the studio to keep the review embargo intact for a significant amount of time. But apparently Ruffalo never got the memo, as he accidentally live-streamed the first 15 minutes of Ragnarok's audio from his pocket at the world premiere, three weeks ahead of the film's theatrical release.

In true Marvel fashion, the studio seemed to brush it off, especially as fans found Ruffalo's faux pas hilarious. The Hulk actor took to Snapchat and addressed his slip-up by jokingly warning the fandom about recording the rest of the movie and posting it on Instagram.

"Hi Marvel fans, I'm here at the 'Thor 3' premiere and it's kicking ass and we're having the best time and wish you were here. If I had my Instagram live on I could let you watch the other half of the movie."

As Thor: Ragnarok has opened to rave social media reactions, it's highly unlikely that Ruffalo's live-streaming shenanigans will stop fans from rushing to theaters. However, as Ruffalo's latest goof-up puts him at par with Tom Holland's spoilerific habits, should start counseling both of them, before they team up to completely destroy any secrecy around Avengers: Infinity War.

Mark Ruffalo And Tom Holland Can't Handle Spoilers

After Holland impressed fans and critics with his brief appearance in Captain America: Civil War, it was time for the 21-year-old to promote his first solo movie. The only problem was that the young actor wasn't particularly adept at sticking to Marvel's philosophy of keeping important plot details under wraps. Holland ended up giving away the franchise's future prospects regarding Spider-Man and confirming a long-term fan theory as well.

Seeing how he was becoming the "king of spoilers" - and causing producers to panic - Holland decided to burn his Infinity War script, as a symbolic gesture that he was capable of not giving away the story of the biggest Marvel movie yet. Mostly because he had completely forgotten to turn the script in in the first place...

"Marvel [would] like to keep everything a secret. So, to all the producers who are probably freaking out because I forgot to hand in my script, here is evidence that I am destroying it.”

However, the mammoth production house's spoiler-free stint didn't last long as Mark Ruffalo stepped in to take Holland's place. The actor's first strike came when he jokingly spoiled some important Infinity War deaths during an interview with Good Morning America. In addition to that, Ruffalo has also leaked parts of an all-star Marvel photo-shoot on Twitter and Instagram - something that was supposed to be under wraps.

Now that Ruffalo accidentally audio streamed the opening of Thor: Ragnarok, Holland would like his name cleared:

Marvel movies are widely known for its humor and levity and the friendly relationship between stars and fans reflects the franchise's positive attitude as well. While a lot of fan-bases get extremely rabid regarding spoilers, it's enjoyable to see the Marvel fandom engage in healthy banter about it. However, if Ruffalo and Holland ends up spoiling anything again, should consider scripting a skit where and randomly spoil every movie that is currently in production.

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