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Mark Newton

Oi oi, me old mucker! We've just got a couple of videos for upcoming London-based cop thriller Welcome to the Punch. To celebrate this fact I'm going to write the rest of the article in Cockney Rhyming Slang. So, apparently Welcome To the Punch has been in production for Donkey's Ears which is surprising because I've only just heard about it. It will feature some familiar British airs and graces, with , and all starring. It's due to hit English fleas and itches on March 15th before debuting in the US on March 27th. Take a Butcher's Hook at the clip and featurette below:

(via IndieWire)

OK, I'm going to stop that now. Firstly, it took ages to write that small paragraph above, and secondly, Welcome To The Punch isn't being billed as your typical -esque gritty British gangster flick. Instead director was aiming to deliver a British take on peerless Hong Kong crime thrillers like Infernal Affairs.

Do you think he'll succeed? Give us your opinion below.


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