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Now, in the wake of the New England Patriots' remarkable comeback victory against the Atlanta Falcons this past Sunday, you might imagine that pretty much every single Pats fan out there is currently deliriously happy and unafraid to show it. After all, their team just pulled off something pretty spectacular — even if it managed to reinforce their now carefully cultivated image as the Slytherins of the .

For devoted Patriots fan Mark Wahlberg, however, the experience was likely a little more bittersweet, seeing as he and his family left the stadium during the third quarter, and thus missed the team's whole Falcon heart-crushing fight back. What's more, a video of their departure made its way online, along with the emotionally devastating caption "Never forget, New England. @mark_wahlberg left the & we won the game":

So, should we expect to see Wahlberg emerging from his house in a few days time, blinking in the long-unseen light, cheeks stained with tears? No, we should not. Y'see:

Mark Wahlberg Left The Super Bowl Super Early, But That's Really OK

After all, he apparently had a genuinely good reason. As he put it in an Instagram post (above), he only left early because his youngest son was feeling ill, making him less a terrible sports fan, and more a competent father.

Of course, we could point out that he just told the entire internet that his son got sick at the Super Bowl in order to distract some random online trolls, which seems like the kind of thing that makes for awkward family dinners for a few weeks afterwards, but that seems a little churlish at this point. After all, all Wahlberg did was leave a sports game a little early. It's not like he assaulted two Vietnamese men while yelling racial slurs and then tried to get it expunged from his record or anything.

Which, when you think about it, kind of puts that Patriots win into perspective.

What do you think, though? Just how adorable is Mark Wahlberg? Let us know below!

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