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Philip Seymour Hoffman starred in five out of Paul Thomas Anderson’s six movies to date.

The director and the actor grew in stature over the years, both becoming admired in their respective fields of work - a very dry way of saying that’s it’s a shame Hoffman will never again star in a great Paul Thomas Anderson movie.

The director's second feature film, Boogie Nights, featured beside an amazing early performance as a shy, sexually-confused boom operator the role that for many transformed white rapper and underwear model Marky Mark into the Academy Award nominated actor Mark Wahlberg.

In a recent piece, The Hollywood Reporter got a quote from the actor on how it was to work with his late colleague:

I had a scene where [we] had to kiss. It was one of those times when I was kind of uncomfortable with the part, but Phil made me comfortable. He was such a generous actor. Phil was fearless and selfless. We spent quite a bit of time together. We had a barbecue at my apartment in L.A., and Phil and all of us were running around having beers and lighting fireworks. The next day, I had an eviction notice on my door.

For more head over to the well-written Hollywood Reporter article about the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman.


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