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Justin Bieber may have a lot of shrieking fans all over the world but it appears that Mark Wahlberg is not one of them. While on The Ellen DeGeneres Show the other day, the actor uttered a very strong-worded warning to Biebster's trouser snake, telling him that he would only allow his teenage daughter to date her crush over "his dead body."

Apparently, this came after Wahlberg and his wife had Justin over to their house for dinner with their four kids a while ago. Talking about his 13-year-old daughter Ella, who suffers from a serious case of Bieber fever, Mark said:

"She liked him a lot, when she was younger. Turned on him completely. And then [he] came back with a vengeance. 'Dad, that's gonna be my husband.'"

To this, he reportedly replied:

"I said, 'Over my dead body. Actually, over both your dead bodies, I'll just go back to jail."

As we all know, the actor once served 45 days in jail back in 1988 after assaulting a Vietnamese man while trying to steal booze as a 16-year-old. So considering his rough past, better watch out.

Watch the full interview on Ellen below:

And this wasn't the first time that the Patriots Day actor made his young daughter turn bright red. The star revealed that he loves to embarrass his kid, suggesting he even threatened to bring back his Marky Mark rap days:

"I did threaten my daughter that I was going to join him musically just to embarrass her. And she was really appalled."

See more:

To make matters worse, he recently even wrote some lyrics to express his feelings about his daughter's love life:

"I'm your 45-year-old father and I got to rap / And if you keep misbehaving I'mma give your behind a slap / It's called a spanking / Later on in life you're gonna thank me / 'Cause all the advice that I'm giving you is good for you / And if not, your butt and behind is gonna be black and blue."

Patriots Day hits theatres on February 23. Here's the trailer:

Could Mark Wahlberg actually be the most embarrassing celebrity dad?

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