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Actress is reportedly worried that her husband, Argo actor-director , will cheat on her.

According to Star Magazine (via Celebitchy), a source close to the celebrity couple has revealed that the Alias and Juno star is afraid that if she leaves Affleck alone while she goes off to shoot for her new movie (possibly the -starring Draft Day), Ben will do the dirty on her:

Jen really doesn't trust Ben. She's going to Cleveland for two weeks this month to begin shooting a new film. While she's away, she's pulling the kids out of school in Brentwood to be on set with her - and she's worried about Ben being by himself... There was talk that Ben strayed with Blake [during filming of The Town]. And he started talking to J.Lo again. His wife checks up on him all the time and looks through his phone...

Shocking. Their marriage isn't as strong as the impression they were giving off during award season? Ben seems to not be as into Jennifer as she'd like? Talk about a world shattering revelation. Not.

Sure, Ben quite often refers to his marriage as "hard work", but he actually seems to be genuinely in love with Jen. They look like a solid couple and when you do see Ben with Jen and the kids he seems to be happy.

I'm gonna chalk this up as just a rumor because I refuse to believe that he would cheat. What d'you think?


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