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Warning: Spoilers for Supergirl ahead.

The "Invasion!" crossover has finally started last night on ... sort of. This week's episode, titled "Medusa," continued the storyline rather than taking off a week and joining forces with the Flash, Green Arrow, and other Earth-1 superheroes to kick some alien-ass!

Instead, Supergirl pulled a Legends of Tomorrow where the last minute or two set up the giant crossover. In the last scene of the episode, Barry and Cisco arrive on Supergirl's Earth and ask her if she could return the favor from when the Flash helped her out last year. This is where it all begins...

Supergirl is Crossing Over To Earth-1 — But Is That It?

Most of us are fully aware that Supergirl will be crossing over to Earth-1 to help Team Flash, Team Arrow, and the Legends of Tomorrow fight the Dominators. While it is already cool enough that we're going to be able to see Supergirl fight alongside our other favorite heroes, one question still goes off in our heads: Is Kara the only character from Supergirl that is crossing over?

It would be one thing if the crossover only consisted of the main heroes from each show and didn't bring on any other supporting cast members. However, this is not the case as The Flash is bringing on most of its main cast along with that of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Given that, it would make sense that Supergirl brings on at least more than one character from its array of cast members.

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Of course, there are two main reasons why someone could argue that should not be the case. First, you could say that since Supergirl and friends are on another Earth, it wouldn't make sense to bring the entire cast over. However, if the producers really felt like they wanted to bring James, Wynn, Alex, and some others, they would most likely be able to find a creative way to bring them.

The other reason the supporting characters from Supergirl wouldn't come on is that it would become too crowded and they wouldn't really have a purpose. Wynn is practically another Felicity or Cisco, James is now yet another vigilante, and Alex would just be a useless pawn. However, there is one character from the hit series that could potentially be making an appearance and there is some evidence to back it up.

Will Martian Manhunter Make An Appearance?

Martian Manhunter would be a perfect Supergirl character to crossover with the other TV shows. He is a pivotal character in DC Comics and obviously they decided to introduce him on Supergirl for a reason. They could easily use the character in the far future as a prominent character, even if David Harewood decides not to return. He is a powerful ally who is familiar with aliens and could definitely be a great help to our lovable heroes.

The "Heroes v Aliens" poster pictured above is advertising the fact that Supergirl will be showing up in the special "4-night" crossover event. What is really interesting about the poster is the fact that Martian Manhunter appears on it. The reason this is intriguing is because the producers have not discussed whether or not our favorite Martian will be making an appearance in the giant crossover. However, the fact that they placed him on the poster does suggest otherwise.

Martian Manhunter also showed up in the "Superhero Fight Club 2.0" video, which seems to include most of the characters appearing in the crossover. While he was not seen fighting in the arena, he appeared in the back room along with Diggle, Felicity, and Cisco watching our favorite heroes brawl in the fight club. Could this promotional video hint at what his potential role could be in the "Heroes v Aliens" crossover?

What Role Could Martian Manhunter Play?


If Martian Manhunter ended up teaming up with the rest of the superheroes on Earth-1 in the crossover, what would his role in the big event be? First of all, I believe that if he does show up at one point, it will be in the last episode on Thursday. The reason being is because Martian Manhunter would certainly have made an appearance in at least one of the dozen trailers promoting this big television event.

A potential and likely scenario would be that the heroes are going to need some extra support after the Arrow episode tomorrow and Supergirl will suggest bringing in her other alien friend, Martian Manhunter, to help fight off the Dominators. The trailers make it look like a lot of the heroes end up getting abducted by the Dominators and Supergirl will need some extra help rescuing her new super-pals and defeating the Dominators once in for all.

One major thing that could be questioned is why Supergirl wouldn't retrieve Superman to help her fight the Dominators. Logistics aside, Superman's powers are already identical to Kara's. Martian Manhunter has many unique superpowers that the rest of the heroes don't have such as shape-shifting. This could come in handy as J'onn J'onzz could disguise himself as a Dominator on their alien space-pod and go rescue the Earth-1 heroes. Also, Manhunter has a large understanding when it comes to extra-terrestrial creatures.


Is Martian Manhunter going to make an appearance on the "Invasion!" crossover?

What do you guys believe? Will the Martian Manhunter show up this week on the crossover? If so, what role will he play? Tell me below!


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