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is not so young anymore. The director turns 70 this year – an age where retiring could be a viable option. In his case, of course not; for the passionate cinephile, one can't imagine Scorsese doing anything other than dying with a camera in hand. This seems increasingly likely since he shows no signs of stopping; the filmmaker has lined up some mouth-watering projects for the next four years or so.

According to Deadline, Silence will be Scorsese’s next feature film once he completes a . Finally. Scorcese has planned to make Silence since, well, forever. He was even sued for breaking contractual obligations by not making it his next project following Hugo.

It’s easy to see why the adaptation of the Shusaku Endo novel is a dream project for the filmmaker, sinec the source material features some of Scorsese's very catholic (see what I did there?) obsessions. The book centers on two 17th-century Jesuit priests who are sent to Japan to investigate whether their mentor has renounced Christianity. Japan, at that time, was fiercely opposed to the spread of Christianity, and missionaries were persecuted, tortured and forced to renounce their beliefs.

The film should tie in with the The Last Temptation of Christ/Kundun thread of Scorsese’s filmography, with its theme of religious doubt. If it's anything like the novel, it promises a slow, somber piece of filmmaking with a devastating third act. It should by all means be beautiful, especially if the rumored casting of , and comes to pass. Then again, after all those years in development hell, who knows…

For all those Scorsese fans who aren’t too keen on the director’s religious preoccupations, there is a silver lining to this silent cloud. The director recently held a table reading of the The Irishman script at the Tribeca Film Center. The mobster flick would find the director reunited with his leading man of yore, . De Niro would play mob hitman Frank Sheera, who was rumored to have participated in some capacity in the deaths of Jimmy Hoffa and John F. Kennedy. Mobster staples and are reportedly also up for roles in the project.

The project is seeking financing at the moment, but who wouldn't want to see De Niro and Scorsese team-up again? Until then, next stop: Japan!


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