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With Hammer currently working on the sequel to The Woman in Black, author Martyn Waites has been tasked with writing the tie-in novel to the movie that will continue evolving the world of the ghostly woman. The Woman in Black 2 is set to be released in 2014, and Waites could not be more thrilled he was asked to pen the novel.

Jamie-Lee Nardone over at Den of Geek snagged a great interview with the delightful author, and while he can't say much about the upcoming movie and novel, he was more than happy to talk about how excited he was to tackle the project:

Yes. Just yes. My agent said it was the easiest phone call she'd ever made. Just for the thrill of it all, really. To be asked to continue something started by Susan Hill's brilliant novel and by Hammer's fantastic adaptation was just so exciting. To have my name mentioned in the same breath as both Susan Hill and Hammer is wonderful. I just hope the words "not anywhere near as good as" aren't applied to mine. That's the real fear.

Waites also talks about making the jump from his usual crime thrillers to horror, and whether or not it was a genre he'd always wanted to try writing:

In some ways, yes. But in others, no. I always thought I'd just stay in the crime genre. Especially the gritty, real, noir-ish urban end. It's where my imagination and talent lies, or so I always thought. But the Tania novels have quite a strain of Gothic horror to them. I didn't really notice until my mate Sarah Pinborough pointed it out. I couldn't help but notice it after that. So I embraced it. Embraced the dark side...

The man is also a self-confessed Hammer junkie, unable to pick a favorite film:

Too many to name! I grew up watching Hammer. I've got every issue of House Of Hammer magazine from the 70s. I love them. I've got a particular love for Plague Of The Zombies and The Reptile - they hold fond memories for me. But then so does _Vampire Circus, _Hands Of The Ripper, The Vampire Lovers... not to mention The Gorgon and Captain Kronos. I do admit to a very unhealthy attachment to Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell. And of course, Curse Of Frankenstein and Dracula. Without whom...

But as far as what he can tell us about the upcoming novel and movie adaptation, it's, well...not much:

Not a great deal yet. I'm sworn to secrecy about it. It's strange, I've often read things where writers have said that and thought, 'bollocks'. But it's true. I can't say anything. And I don't want to. It would spoil it. All I'll say is, we're back at Eel Marsh House, it's the Second World War, a group of children have been evacuated there and guess who's woken up...?

Hop on over to the full interview to read it in its entirety.


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