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If there is one thing that can be guaranteed with Marvel it's that they are constantly changing. Heroes become villains, people die, come back to life, get mind controlled, and come back from the past or future. It seems recently Marvel has done more changing than normal. In the last few years, we've seen Wolverine die and replaced with an older version of himself from an alternate timeline, Dr. Doom's face is no longer disfigured, and Thor is no longer worthy to use Mjilnor.

Marvel Comics is currently in the middle of a crossover — Civil War 2 that is splitting the Marvel Universe down the middle again. An Inhuman has the ability to see the future and Captain Marvel used this as way to stop crimes before they could take place. Tony Stark confirmed that this Inhuman sees a future that is based off his emotion and other variables. The two have been up in arms ever since, because of this kid, James Rhodes (War Machine) and Bruce Banner (The Hulk) are dead as a result.

While the current phase in the movies might be written in stone, the next few phases are up in the air and can be directly affected by the events currently in Marvel.

Iron Man No More?

Is Tony Stark dead? Did he quit? Is he in hiding? Who knows. All that's certain is that Tony Stark will no longer going to be Iron Man. The events of Civil War 2 have taken a giant toll on Tony Stark. It started with his best friend Rhodey dying. If that wasn't bad enough, he loses another close friend in Bruce Banner a.k.a. the Hulk.

No matter how many fights Tony Stark has been in, nothing could prepare him for losing two of his closest friends in such a short amount of time. Especially since they died for a future that may or may not come to pass. While we won't know what's going to happen until the end of Civil War 2, what we do know is that Tony Stark will be replaced by Victor Von Doom and the world's smartest person Riri Williams.

Predictions: Robert Downey has said over and over that his days of doing solo Iron Man movies are over and eventually this will be true. Using Riri Williams as his replacement could be a way to move Iron Man into another direction. Tony Stark will apparently be artificial intelligence in the comics with Riri, so it's not like a new Iron Man movie would be without RDJ completely. Seeing Stark mentoring Riri as a computer simulation in her suit would not only be hilarious, but also a way to keep RDJ for the fans and him on a schedule that might be more to his liking.

With the Fantastic Four movie not only bombing but being widely regarded as a terrible movie, it's only a matter of time before Marvel gets the rights back to the F4 franchise. If this were to happen, Dr. Doom could almost immediately become an Avengers movie villain.

The Unworthy Thor

In 2014, Nick Fury whispered something in Thor's ear so devastating that made The God of Thunder no longer worthy to wield Mjolnir and no longer has his powers. The new Thor is now Jane Foster who is battling cancer in her mortal form. Thor has been down on his luck and has even had his arm chopped off by Malekith (the villain in the second Thor film) and had it replaced with an Asgardian black metal.

In Thor Odinson's series The Unworthy Thor, it's looking like Thor is going to find Ultimate Thor's hammer that fell to old Asgard during Secret Wars. This could be how Thor gets his powers back and starts his journey into being worthy and a god again. But, in Jason Aaron's first Thor run, All Father Thor gave his younger self a list of accomplishments that he achieved. Maybe this is just the beginning of that journey.

Predictions: At some point, Chris Hemsworth is going to no longer be Thor. And if Jane Foser's Thor remains popular, then there is no reason Marvel wouldn't do a movie featuring a new Thor or even a movie when he loses his ability to worthy and is using his axe Jarnbjorn. The only problem with this theory is fans of the movie aren't very keen on Natalie Portman as Jane. But this is easily rectified by getting a new actress to play Jane Foster or even giving the hammer to another female — Lady Sif would be a much better replacement.

She-Hulk? Nah, Just Hulk

When someone we love dies, there are five stages of grief we go through and one of them is anger. Now imagine you are a superhuman who's powers include getting stronger the angrier you get. That is what you get with the new Hulk story. Jennifer Walters is no longer She-Hulk, she is now just Hulk. She will probably keep more of her intelligence than her cousin Bruce did when he turned into the Hulk, but it seems like she definitely won't be as reasonable and friendly as she once was

Predictions: Every fan of Marvel Comics has been waiting for She-Hulk to be announced. What this new book does is allow fans to see how strong She-Hulk really is. She isn't just a femaleHulk. She is a Hulk that ripped Vision in half and has traded blows with the original Hulk while they were both in an enraged state. I'm willing to bet that within a year of Hulk's new run that rumors of Jennifer Walters on the big screen or on Netflix start to roll around.


Upset with the older heroes, Marvel's youth start their own team.
Upset with the older heroes, Marvel's youth start their own team.

The Avengers have been the premier super team in all of Marvel Comics for decades. They are known across the galaxy as Earth's Mightiest Heroes and humanity's greatest protectors. It's thought an honor to be an Avenger and as Moon Knight once said, "It's hard to be taken seriously if you were never an Avenger." That said, it must be a big deal for three of Marvel's newest and youngest heroes to quit Earth's premier superhero team.

Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel), Miles Morales (Spider-Man), and Sam Alexander (Nova) were all part of the All-New Avengers team that had classic Avengers Captain America (Sam Wilson) Iron Man (Tony Stark) and Vision. After seeing things the veteran heroes they looked up to do things that made them look like monsters during Civil War 2, they decided it was time to quit. With the time-displaced young Scott Summers, Visions daughter Viv, and Amadeus Cho (The Totally Awesome Hulk), these young heroes decide to create their own team and forge their own path.

Predictions: The beauty of this team is that they represent everything that is right about the world. A group of kids who know that there is more to being a hero than just fighting. They also want to change the world by helping people in distress. Because Cyclops is a Fox-owned character, they'd have to replace him with another young hero.

This is a G-rated team that younger kids who watch Disney XD would happily follow weekly, maybe as a cartoon series. Not only are they new characters, they are new characters that have adopted names of classic characters so there will be some familiarity when hear names like Hulk, Spider-Man, or Ms. Marvel.

Jessica Jones

I don't know what it is about a solo Jessica Jones book and a depressing life, but they seem to go hand in hand. In issue one, Jessica Jones is jail — but it gets worse. Jessica's baby is missing and her and Luke are having marital problems. But the good thing is that the book already showed that this is going to be another classic run by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos.

Predictions: Both the Jessica Jones and Luke Cage Netflix series were highly rated and popular shows. In the comics, they had a baby together and later got married. After how Luke Cage Season 1 ended, it doesn't look like Jessica and Luke will be getting together. At least not any time soon. If issue one of Jessica Jones is any indication of how the rest of Jessica's life is going to continue, there's no guarantee that Luke and Jessica will stay together in the comic books either. Hopefully I'm wrong because Luke and Jessica are my favorite comic book couple.

Some of the hardcore comic book fans are going to be upset because they are messing with what is supposed be done a certain way. But as long as the story is good and the plot makes sense, people will continue to read.

What series are you most excited for? Let me know in the comments below!


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