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Now, while 's may have taken the box office by storm last year — and received generally excellent reviews in the process — it also came in for a whole lot more criticism than the average movie in the . Which, with issues ranging from the "whitewashing" of an iconic character, 's mildly questionable accent, all the way through to the fact that it's essentially just an Iron Man remake with added magic, ultimately makes a whole lot of sense.

With the film now having made its way onto Digital HD, DVD and Blu-ray however, we may finally be set to discover what its actually legacy will be. Will it be fondly remembered as an entertaining action romp, or written off as a lesser light in Marvel's brightly shining array of cinematic stars? Well, the jury may still be out on that one, but in the meantime, it turns out that:

Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' Is Hiding A Seriously Sinister Mistake

'Doctor Strange' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Doctor Strange' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Or, rather, it's hiding an entertainingly silly error that can absolutely be seen as sinister if you squint your eyes a little and use your imagination. Y'see, as an eagle-eyed fan recently pointed out on Twitter, it seems that the Sanctum Sanctorum is hiding more than just the mysteries of the multiverse: It's also sheltering a mildly misplaced crew member:

Which, on the one hand, is a mildly entertaining goof on the part of the production (as well as precisely the sort of thing that ends up in most movies).

On the other hand, though, it might — might — just be an indication that there are still mysteries to be solved in Strange's Sanctum. If the "Big Bad" of turns out to be named Professor Crewmemberio, then, don't forget that you heard it here first.

What do you think, though? Is Doctor Strange's mysterious crew member cameo a goof, or a chilling sign of things to come? Let us know below!



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